Sunset Sugar Gliders


Dakota and Dawson

 I got both Dakota and Dawson a few days ago, and they're already the sweetest little bra babies I've had the pleasure of meeting, lol, they are both very friendly, and I haven't heard a crab yet from either of them the whole time I've had them. They were both very eager to curl up and sleep in my bra from the second day that I had them, and I couldn't be happier with my handsome little fellas. I know it must have been hard to part with them, and I'm so glad that I was able to get them, I know that they've had a lot of work and love put into them to make them this sweet, lol. Jade has always been willing to answer any questions that I had, and sent lots of updates and pictures to me during the wait until they were ready to come home, I couldn't be happier and would recommend her in a heartbeat ^^ I received two of the sweetest, softest, most handsome boys imaginable.



Jade's babies are beautiful not just to look at but in personality also, she'll go out of her way to give any advice you need and work with you to make sure your baby has the best possible start in his/her new home!"


Logan (Muraco)

On my "long" wait to pick up my baby Muraco(Logan), Jade made the wait so much better with pictures and videos of my little man. She answered all of my questions and helped me find the perfect girlfriend for Muraco. When I picked him up, He was such a good boy; I helped Jade clip his nails and he didn't even try to nip! Now at home with me he is the perfect little bra baby, I really couldn't ask for a better baby. I will definitely be getting joeys from Jade again!




I got Lily on 3/23/12. Jade was so sweet and delivered her to me after she appeared live on CBS news in an interview about gliders as alternative pets. Lily has been a little angel, and a blessing to me. Jade has updated me every week on Lily providing me with many pictures and videos, while I await her to come home. I highly recommend anyone that is looking to add a sugar glider to their home to contact Jade. She has gorgeous joeys and they all come pre-spoiled if you’re looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy, honest, caring, and helpful breeder then you want to speak to Jade. She is a great breeder and has become a GREAT friend. She provides her pets with the best of care. I can’t thank Jade enough for allowing me to bring Lily into my home. Lily is amazing and she takes wonderful pictures. I hope to be adding more of Jade’s joeys to my suggie family in the future. Thank you so much Jade!!!!



Tegan (Teagan)

 I saw Teagan in pictures and he was just a beautiful guy.  In person he is amazing!  He made instant friends with my other two gliders and in just a short time has become good friends with me.  Jade takes wonderful care of her gliders, and made very sure that I knew all I could about Teagan before I picked him up.  Such a great, healthy and active little guy.  I will absolutely be getting my next glider from Jade, and highly recommend her to anyone interested in one.  Thank you Jade!



Faith and Grace

 I adopted my two girls, Faith and Grace, from Jade Fowler at Sunset Sugar Gliders, on May 26, 2012.  From the date I applied to adopt them until the date I picked them up and even after, Jade has been wonderful.  She was very good about keeping me up to date on their progress, including providing me with pictures and video of my girls.  She was very caring and loving with the girls, and it shows in how healthy, happy, and well-adjusted they are.  She continued her interest in their well-being even after we brought them home – making sure they were adjusting well to their new home and were happy.  Her concern about her babies is obvious when you complete the Questionnaire – it contains questions about their care, their diet, their cage and accessories, etc., because she wants to make absolutely sure her babies are going to good, loving homes who have the babies’ best interests at heart.  She is very knowledgeable about them and was great about training the girls to be held and be fed treats by hand – they rarely crab and have bonded very easily since they were used to being handled.  You can tell from the way she talks to and about her babies that she truly loves each and every one of them and misses them when they leave.  I cannot say enough about what a great experience I had in dealing with her and Sunset Sugar Gliders.  I had some time ago adopted a sugar glider from a pet store, and I can tell you the experience was totally different.  The little male I had adopted, who has since passed away (although I had him long enough that I do not believe it had anything to do with the pet store), crabbed a lot and had a tendency to nip.  He was obviously not “hand-trained” (as they had indicated) because he would not let anyone but me hold him, and he did not care for that!  I have had such a completely different experience with my girls – they hardly ever crab at all, I have no problem handling them and neither does anyone else.  They will take treats right from your hand and eat them while you hold them.  I can let them out to play and they will stick close by and let us catch them when it is time to go back in their cage.  They are very playful and you can tell they are happy and healthy, and the credit goes to Jade and the great care and love she gives to her gliders.  I would recommend her to anyone who considers adopting gliders and would not, personally, deal with anyone else after having had the wonderful experience I have had with her. 

- Denise Battenfield

Yuna and Kairi
I got my Gliders, Yuna and Kairi from Jade on August 12, 2012 and it is now October so it's been about three months since these beautiful girls came into my life. I had only rescued Sugar Gliders before and I had never experienced what it was like to have sweet babies from the start. From the very first time I started talking with Jade, I trusted her. I just had that feeling you know? She was amazing through the entire process and still is! She sent me weekly updates with pictures and videos and we talked a lot too. I got to see my girls grow and I felt like their mommy long before we met. When I went to pick up my girls, Jade was so nice! She showed us her Glider room and we talked for a bit and I got to meet my little angels. Kairi was so sweet you would think she was made of sugar! Yuna was shy but today she cuddles with me and we're great friends. Neither of my girls have ever been aggressive towards me or anyone else. They are the sweetest little love bugs. You can definitely tell that they were well cared for and socialized. I am so happy with Yuna and Kairi that I'm even going back to Jade's next month for another sweet baby girl. Jade and I have become great friends and I will never regret being able to meet her and my babies. They just light up my day. Thank you very much Jade, I love your babies!

- Brooke Chapman

Buying a glider from Jade.. Would I recommend buying from her.. most definitely YES.

My story of purchasing from Jade (Sun Set Sugar Gliders).
I purchased a 'normal' glider almost 2 years ago on a whim because my daughter got one and wouldn't let me play with it at first.. (it would bond to me).. so I thought I'll get ME one!  It was not thought out, just a 'want'.  I hope you keep reading all this.
It was after the season and finally found someone that had a 'left over' glider that was available.  One of the 'mill pups'!
He was so scared and who ever tells you they don't bite hard..has leather hands!!  Roo brought BLOOD.  I was lucky enough tho to be at home 100% and could dote on him.  It took quite some time but he became the love of our town.  I took him to our local pet shops to socialize.. to our vet and crew that would carry him around to show each other when I show up.  Roo is such an angel.. With him on me almost every day all day something dawned on me.  I always thought people said you need to buy gliders in pairs.. because they wanted to SELL TWO!  I had some nights I was up and watched him play and was thinking of how all my kids were gone.. hubby works and how lonely it is.. and something hit me hard.. ROO had to be lonely!  Sure I carry him in the day but when it's time to play.. he's alone.  I set out on a mission to get ROO a playmate.  I had always wanted a white glider but like I said.. I bought Roo because he was all there was and I couldn't seem to wait.
Someone told me that Jade had good gliders and they thought she had a white one.
I contacted Jade and thru our e-mails things were going ok at first.. Then she said her glider wasn't for me.  I was like "WHAT"?  NOOO... I"m a good mommy!!   Seems I hadn't taken time to really study up on what was needed that was best for them and Roo was not getting the best diet and had dangerous toys and wheels.
She was not forcing me to change... only being sure that HER babies got the best!
I asked her to give me a chance.. I wanted to LEARN what was right.
She held off taking a payment on her 'Lanie' until she could rule me 'out'.. :)
I was able to show her I really wanted to do what was best and from that point on we started to become 'friends'.   She took the down payment to hold Lanie for me.  She helped me see what Roo was eating was messing up his coat and also as I found out somewhat stunted his growth.  Don't get me wrong.. he was still healthy.
Jade pointed me in the direction of places for food and safe toys.. she didn't tell me what I HAD to get.. only sent me suggestions of sites and people to help me along.
All this while she sent me pictures of Lanie.. who we named Lanie BOO.. to go with our Roo.  She would send video's of Lanie growing up.. We even did Face time.
She also said if I was ever in the area I was welcome to visit Lanie Boo too.
We decided to make the 4 1/2 hr trip to visit Lanie Boo and Jade and Dallas made us feel so welcome.  Her room setup for her gliders was awesome.  Very organized for her toy's, fabrics and foods.  They were all clean and healthy!
All her gliders were loving and could be handled!  She would grab their pouch out and out they would come to explore the table and treats!  Now came MINE!!  She said "would you like to see Lanie Boo now".. Oh YES!  Out came the pouch.. and out came Lanie's momma to grab a yogurt.  She reached in and handed me this little white ball of fur!  The parents were not upset and Lanie didn't crab!  We had such a wonderful visit as we sat in the living room and me holding Lanie Boo.  As I said before.. after leaving Jade did the pictures and videos for me and even the Face Time when I was missing Lanie.
She taught me too that Mealworms do not make them Stink as I had read it would do.
When it was time for us to get Lanie Boo they drove about an hour to meet up with us on an exit off the expressway to save us some time on a road trip to see our daughter.
Lanie Boo was HUGE.. she was as big at 10 weeks oop..(I think that was how old) as was Roo NOW!  She said that she didn't think I would have to wait to long to introduce them since Roo was so small.
Lanie Boo did end up crabbing at me as she was scared from being separated from her parents and even tho Jade gave me a pouch with swatches and a pompom of the smells of home.. I didn't smell like home.   Even with the crabbing tho.. she just nudged my hand to push it away.. she didn't BITE!  After going thru all that with Roo and seeing how big she was I figured I'm gonna be in for a world of hurt!  LOL
She would go back to sleep and be clicking in no time tho.  Lanie Boo and Roo are very happy playmates now!  She has already visited the pet store and the vet's office and even tho she would crab a bit.. she was still accepting to new people.
I am so happy that Jade and Dallas came into our lives and seeing how much she loves and cares for her gliders I couldn't think of anyone better to send someone to for a new pet glider!

Thank you both so much.

-Beth LeBlanc

My husband had toyed with the idea of getting a Sugar Glider for months,
he did his research and looked at unlimited websites before making a final decision.
Then we came across Sun Set Sugar Gliders, she was so informative and had a picture of our
little Whisper, He purchased her immediately out of pouch and we waited so
eagerly for her to be able to travel to us. Jade kept us informed of her well being the entire
time she was in her care, she let us know about her eating habits, play time and bonding experience.  When she arrived to us she was the most precious thing and still is. She is so happy to be with us and we just adore her, She is and was everything we were told.
Thank you Jade for a wonderful sugar glider.
-John and Chris

Amber (Caco)

 Jade.  I LOVE my Caco.  She is so sweet.  I love them all but Caco is especially sweet and beautiful.  The vets compliment all my babies but they take special attention to Caco.  I thought I knew what bonded felt like with Nico.  Oh no!  Caco took bonding to a whole new level.  She really looks for me.  I attribute her sweet demeanor to you.  The breeder/first mom makes all the difference.  Thank you so much and if my husband ever gives me the okay for another I will come directly to you.  Again, thank you! 




 I had been looking for a leucistic sugar glider for awhile and when I found Jade (Sunset Sugar Gliders) I knew it was the right place.  Her babies are just so beautiful. She answered every question I had, but what I absolutely LOVED was how she sent me pictures of Bells often. I saw my baby grow and that was very, very special! 

Now that my little girl is home, she is the sweetest baby that I have ever seen and she is absolutely beautiful! We love her! Thank you so much for our gorgeous baby !  I appreciate all your help, advice, and honesty.



I had been looking for a reasonably priced pet only mosaic glider for over a year.  Jocelyn is a beautiful glider and has a wonderful, loving personality.  Jade was originally going to keep her so we didn't get Jocelyn until she was approximately four months oop.  She is a little vocal in the pouch (I guess she likes her beauty sleep).  She will cuddle with us for hours.  Jade went out of her way to drive and meet me to deliver this little girl.  Couldn't be happier.    



Stuart Little and Margalo 

Sunset Sugar Gliders is very special to me because the first gliders I ever saw in person were Jades. The first glider I ever held was a joey that was OOP named Stuart Little and after my visit I put a deposit on him because I fell in love. Jade takes excellent care of her gliders & joeys and makes sure they go to a good home. Jade is an awesome person and Im so happy that I was able to get two of the joeys she had. I really couldn't ask for sweeter joeys. They are awesome and have great personalities and its because of the sweetness,care and love that Jade gives to her gliders and joeys. Im so glad to have met Jade. My experience with Sunset Sugar Gliders was better then I could have imagined, she kept in touch and sent pictures and updates on how my little ones were doing, as well as answered any questions I had. If your thinking of getting a joey I highly recommend getting them from Jade at Sunset Sugar Gliders.