Sunset Sugar Gliders

Our Pricing and Policies

Please read over my policies carefully.  If you are interested in adopting a joey and have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to go over anything you have questions about. 

Health Guarantee

All sugar gliders come with a 72 hour (3 day) health guarantee. Your guarantee starts at the time of airline arrival or when you pick your sugar glider(s) up. All conditions below must be met in order to be eligible for your health guarantee.

The purchased sugar glider(s) must be seen by the purchaser’s vet within 48 hours of being in the purchaser’s possession. If the sugar glider is showing any signs of illness it must be seen by the purchaser’s vet immediately. If purchaser is negligent to vet a sugar glider that may be in need of immediate vet attention, the health guarantee may be considered null and void at the breeder’s discretion.

If purchased sugar glider(s) become ill within 72 hours of being in the purchaser’s possession, we the breeder are to be notified immediately.  This allows us to be aware of the situation and also make sure that nothing is amiss with any of our sugar gliders.


Shipping is available by either United or Delta for an additional fee.  This fee includes the airline fee, shipping crate, and wellness exam/health certificate.  I currently charge $150 for Continental and $275 for Delta but these prices are subject to change without notice.  All gliders that are shipped are guaranteed to be healthy and free of parasites upon delivery and will be required to be seen by an exotic veterinarian within 48 hours of arrival for the health guarantee stated above to be valid.

All sugar gliders are vetted with a wellness exam and clean fecal before we ship our sugar gliders.  Trauma, stress related illnesses, and bacterial infections related to stress are NOT covered.  Purchaser is responsible to watch for stress triggers and stress related symptoms.  Should symptoms arise, purchaser is responsible to get the glider to a vet immediately.  All vet bills incurred for stress related illness are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Illegal States and Counties

**I do not sell any gliders to residents of illegal states which are Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania.  Fairfax and Prince William County are also illegal counties in Virginia and I will not under any circumstances sell to residents of these two counties.  New Jersey requires a permit for sugar gliders but this is not hard to obtain and is fairly inexpensive.  Currently, I am in the process of obtaining my USDA license but until I am liscensed I am restricted from selling to Georgia residents.  Sugar gliders are illegal in all five New York boroughs which are Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.  Some restrictions also apply to residents of various counties in Kansas, Maryland, Missouri and New Mexico.**

Standard Pricing, Discounts Offered, and Deposits

**We offer Pet-Only pricing on our males as well as discounts for Pet-Only Pairs**

Prices are subject to change without notice to reflect the current market value and the economy.  These are general guidelines for how much you can expect a joey to cost, many things may play a role in pricing such as temperament, age, color variation, etc.  These prices do not include shipping.  Neutering is performed by my veterinarian before the joeys leave, no exceptions.  Joeys must be paid for in full minus any shipping costs before they will be neutered.  Joeys are typically neutered between 8 and 9 weeks OOP but this can vary with the joeys individual weight.  Joeys can typically go home three days after the procedure. 

~Pet Only Pricing~

(Applies to neutered males only)

Standard grey- $200

White Face Blonde- $250

Mosaic (minimally marked)-$350

Mosaic (classic)- $450

Leucistic- $450

Platinum- $450

Creme-ino- $450

Mosaic (mostly white, ring-tail, pied marked)-$600

True Platinum Mosaic- $650

Creme-ino Mosaic- $650

~Breeding Prices~

Please contact us for current prices as these are affected by many factors.

All Deposits are non-refundable and are a minimum of $100 or 25% of the purchase price, whichever is greater. A deposit must be paid before a glider can be held for you.  Deposits will be taken on a first come, first serve basis provided the application has been approved. 

Sunset Sugar Gliders reserves the right to refuse any sell with which we feel uncomfortable with as well as the right to back out of a sell at any time, for any reason.  Only if Sunset Sugar Gliders cancels the sale will the deposit be refunded to the purchaser. 

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for gliders over $500.  A non-refundable deposit is required to hold and payments must be made in a timely manner until the remainder of the balance is paid off.  I will hold joeys on payment plans up to 16 weeks OOP at which time the joey must be paid off or the deposit is forfeited and the joey will be relisted for sale.  Once the joey has sold any additional payments minus the deposit and a $200 inconvenience fee will be returned.  

***All joeys not on an already agreed upon payment plan must be picked up by 10 weeks OOP upon which time a $20 weekly maintenance fee will be applied to the balance owed.*** 

First Right of Refusal

Sunset Sugar Gliders will reserve the right of first refusal.  If at any time you become unable or unwilling to care for your glider purchased from us we should be notified immediately.  We will be given 30 days to re-purchase said glider at 50% of the initial purchase excluding any shipping fee's OR should we choose not to repurchase the glider we will assist the owner in finding a new permanent home for the glider and the new owner will be required to fill out our application as well as agree to our policies. 

Solo Gliders

Under no condition will a glider be sold to be a single glider.  If a single glider is purchased they must be in one of the following situations. A:  There is/are glider(s) in the home that the glider will be introduced to within an appropriate amount of time.  If the introduction is unsuccessful the buyer will contact me, the seller, immediately to consult on what is to be done next.  B: Buyer has intentions to purchase another glider to be paired with the current glider.  This MUST be done within 6 weeks of purchasing one of our gliders.

If you are adopting a joey from us please complete the form below by typing your full name in the box and submitting the form, this in only required for those whose applications have been approved. 

I have read, understand, and hereby agree to the above policies.